Blocs 4 upgraded to Blocs 5

I have not seen exact problem with solution so decided to post it.

I have license for Blocs 4, and I have just upgraded to Blocs 5. I have some works in Blocs 4, that I want to move to my other computer and activate this Blocs 4 there. However after disactivating license on my first computer (with Blocs 5) I have pop up on the computer with just installed Blocs 4 that license has been utilized.

So my question is - is it possible to use old Blocs 4 license on the other computer then oryginally activated (assuming that computer has been “unlicensed” by deactivating license on him)?

This makes me thinking that switching license from one computer to another is not just that simple as I thought.

small edit: I have managed to activate Blocs 4, but upgrade code/serial number for Plus version is not working with same pop-up message about being utilized. There was no separate deactivation for Plus/normal version :frowning:

Did you rename Blocs prior downloading Blocs 5? You can run both versions parallel to each other.

Hi Jerry, it’s not that case. I had both on one MBP, but need to move some old works to stationary computer so best solution for me is move that projects to other computer.

I have activated Blocs 4 successfully now, but cannot make working Plus features (I have bought license then upgrade and serial number for upgrade gives me “already utilized” messege).

You can run both versions but if you save a project in Blocs 5 it cannot be opened again in Blocs 4.

Folks, just to simplify: just case of activate Plus serial number/functions when soft was migrated to other computer. I donot need two versions on one computer, I already had that working, now I need to move all old stuff done in v4 to other computer, this includes Plus activation that appears now as a problem. Maybe Blocs server needs some time to update, so I will try it later. v4 activation worked (and I have not changed anything) finally, so maybe there is a delay with deactivating (I’m used to instant switching with Adobe licenses).