Blocs 4 Website Course Overview (Preview)

Hi guys,

I am currently putting the finishing touches (creating the outline, documentation, adding lesson notes, etc) to my new video course for Blocs 4 (Plus). In this course, I am focusing on building a multi-page website using Blocs 4 without writing a line of code, while also showcasing the most of Blocs 4 new features.

I believe this is the best video course I have ever created.

I still have to update the Blocs Master website (after I finish updating my huge Blocs Templates website :sweat_smile:), but I have put up the preview page for Blocs 4 Website Course on my Podia store.

You can check the details here

Best regards,

P.S. #BlocsRocks Well done to @Norm and Cazoobi team!


Thank you Eldar.
I’m sure it will be a great job like everything you’ve done until today. I look forward to it.
One question: for those of us who have contracted all your products for life, everything new that you are preparing for Blocs 4 will be included in that subscription?

Kind regards.

Looks great Eldar, well done.

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I will share the details in my email newsletter after the release.
Still finalizing everything.


I hope the courses for blocs 4 will be free of charge for blocs 3 courses members :rofl:

Well, there will be a completely free course for everybody!
And for the main course, I promise I will be fair :slight_smile:


It sounds great! Can’t wait to see your new Bloc 4 courses.


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Looks great Eldar - well done - the demo page looks great!!

Lots of sections in there which are a huge jump up from Blocs 3. Can’t wait !

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Awesome @Eldar! What a tiny microphone you got there :stuck_out_tongue:

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Eldar, I’m looking forward to it! As always, it will be perfectly fine. Thanks to you I get good results and I can always count on support! TOP! :+1: :+1:

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Thanks @AdieJAM @casey1823 @eriks @Stewie_Griffin :pray:t2:

@Eldar, in the video at 1:20, do you use tabs to change the bricks juste above or you use include php « subpages »?

Tabbed Content Bric

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Thanks Eldar

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Hello @Eldar, hope everything is ok with you and your family, and congratulations for your work. And I will support it if you need with new value for V4 courses…

Now one thing: I realized in video that multi-layer, multi-speed parallax effect in the coffee cup… :wink:

You already have a Video for that right?


That Parallax effect looked stunning !!! That is something I want to create for something I have planned !!!

Im a visual guy - and things like this tick a lot of boxes.

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Thank you, Pedro! I really appreciate it. I hope all is well with you and your family too.

Yeah, I have a video about multi-layer parallax effect.
By the way, here is the website I am showing in the video.

Best regards,


Is a fantastic site and work…
Thank you for your hard work…

If anyone needs me, i’ll be busy receiving training thanks to @Eldar .
And later I don’t get away with going to wash the dishes. This from bank accounts having payment notifications on wives’ cell phones is what this is about. :grimacing: :grimacing:
Thanks @Eldar for this too … :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face:


For everyone who wishes to get his head around all the new features of Blocs V4 within a couple of hours, this course is a must-have and which is worth every single buck. I purchased this morning and has been the wisest money spend after Blocs V4 Plus. Thanks, @Eldar for your hard work of putting it together.