Blocs 5 preview showing white screen only

Hi all, anyone having issues with the Preview in blocs 5? all im getting is a blank white screen at all breakpoints, ive changed the ‘preview browser’ in preferences and that didnt work. any thoughts?

I did, I mentioned it in another post.

Ah, I did a search and couldn’t find anything. Any resolution.

If blocs 5 changes the file so it cannot work with blocs 4, if it changes some of the formatting that’s e need to check it’ and all I have is a white screen on preview, then I I cannot use blocs 5 until it’s sorted otherwise the only way to check is to publish it live.

How have you got over the issue

anyone else have this issue when previewing in blocs 5?


Do you have blocs 4 open at the same time?

No, completely closed, nothing I do seems to make a difference sadly

Does this help?


YES YES YES!!! that worked… thank you so much. odd that it has, but very very grateful!