Blocs Agency Template

Have your agency shown in the best light with the exclusive theme for blocs app. This theme contains some exclusive features such as bootstrap 4 progress bars. As well as using over 20 custom classes to provide complete customizability to your website. To view a live preview of the template click below.

Plus comes with 1-year free website hosting with Blocs Hosting!

Live Preview

Any feedback is greatly appreciated

Hi @Blocs_Hosting

First your template has some issues as viewed on mobile (desktop not checked):

Secondly, your template is a rip-off of an existing free Wordpress template created with Elementor ( You could have at least tried to match the original in terms of quality, content and responsiveness.

Original version:


:open_mouth: :astonished: :flushed:

If you’re going to advertise a new template you should make sure it works/looks correct on all four breakpoints.

  1. How about the to navigation? Your name is white text and the links are dark so you can hardle see them.

  2. The 3 columns are not the same on this breakpoint.

  3. Your computer is cut off, if you’re going to use this image it should be a fill image bloc.

These issues really makes this template look very unprofessional.


Hi Scott,

All is good, but it would be great if you name your templates more originally. I am sure you are aware that I already have a template named Agency ( on Blocs Templates website.

By the way, if you need any help with optimizing your templates for mobile, let me know. I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.