Blocs and Angular

I am a front end developer and I am looking at Blocs as a potential solution for creating html templates for dynamic web pages. I use Angular 5 as my javascript framework, but my questions would equally apply to any framework that supports html templates. What I would like to know is:

How workable is the code generated by Blocs for inclusion into such a workflow?

If anyone has had any experience with this, I’d love to know.


Hi Michael,

Welcome to the Blocs forums.

Are you hoping to pair Blocs + Angular for SPA, etc., ?

You can look at the Blocs main page, or any of the sites found on this page:

Those should help you evaluate the source(s) and page structure. Blocs outputs its various includes and a generalized Bootstrap structure using its own class references and overrides. It also includes its own JS file with various functions and features. You should quickly see this from those examples to evaluate the page and source structures etc.,

Not sure how much you hope to do in app, but here is some relative information regarding the current workflow.

You can add custom CSS and JS:

Also use the HTML Bric:

JS added in the page needs viewed in a Browser currently to execute:


If you are just seeking a quick template solution to then Post Edit in your IDE of choice then Blocs may fit your requirements. If you evaluate those above sites and like what you see or feel it fits your necessary requirements and structure for your workflow. Let us know.

Hope something helps with your evlauation.