Blocs and Big Sur

Hello guys. I was thinking of installing the latest Big Sur beta on my mac. are there any compatibility problems with Blocs? Will the old projects made on Catalina be able to open on big sur?

There is a thread about this that started back in June. The future of Blocs + macOS Big Sur

I’ve not tried, however in theory it should work. As always it’s often wise to be a little cautious before installing a new OS new upgrade, especially while still in beta.

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… and because of that, you should not install it on your work horse.
Try it on an external SSD and you’re save.
Blocs runs smooth and without any issues on Big Sur.

are you testing blocs on Big Sur? Can you open there old project saved when you run Catalina?

No problem, as far as you use the same Blocs version.

ok, tx now i am a little more comfortable updating to big sur

I’m running for about a month Big Sur on my laptop. I was desperate to get rid of Catalina as it has never impressed me. So far I’m positively surprised with Big Sur. And Blocs runs as a charm on it.