Blocs and ClassicPress

Just putting the word out there that “it works”.

So if anyone is tired of the :stars: and :sparkles: added lately in WP and looks for other platforms - which is required if you don’t want to go with WP’s full move away from “classic” things planned for something like 2022 - then ClassicPress is a solution.

It works just smooth with Blocs generated “WP” Themes. It might be also interesting for pioneers because the market at ClassicPress is not yet saturated at all, no big players in there yet - so if a Theme where to be produced for CP especially I think it could even help the growth of a business.

Politics are easier at CP, that much is sure, and it is less bloated. What is a tad sad is that it basically is a WP 4.9 clone, but that will soon change as well, with their version 2.0 around the corner.