Blocs and Foundation

I happen to be a Foundation fan rather than a Bootstrap fan. A couple of years ago I switched from Softpress Freeway 7 to both Coffeecup Site Designer and Blocs. However I enjoy (usage of) both apps, it’s Blocs that only leans on just one framework (Bootstrap). Is there any chance that Blocs will add the (feature of the) possibility to select either Bootstrap or Foundation?

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I don’t know, but I’d be surprised. The blocsapp development team is quite small.

I’ve used Foundation as well, but through Rapidweaver. It’s a solid alternative framework that I like, though it was horribly slow when I used it with lots of lag and spinning ball on page previews.

I cannot say there has been a heavy demand to see it included in Blocs. I think I mentioned it about 3 years ago and probably nobody since until this thread.

The original Foundation team “Zurb” stopped managing Foundation a couple of years ago, and development on it pretty much died at that point. Joe Workman of Rapidweaver fame took over being lead developer about a year ago, and turned it into a “community project”. It is still alive, and a really nice framework, but is not as actively developed as it has been in the past… Just check out their github to see.

I didn’t know that Foundation had practically been abandoned like that. It did seem like development had been very slow for some time.

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I had no idea Zurb had completely jumped ship.

@rvanheukelum as @pauland mentioned we are a little indie company (by choice) and some users would probably argue we still need to support all of bootstrap inside of Blocs before we work on other frameworks :joy: