Blocs and PHP?

One of my clients, whose website I maintain, has received the following notice from the web host:

“The life cycle of the PHP 7.4 version will end on November 28. and its use should be abandoned for data security reasons. It will be removed from Zoner’s web hotels on January 31, 2023, and it will not be possible to use it after that.”

And they request that the pages are PHP 8.0 compatible in the future. What does this have to do with pages made with the Blocs app? I had Blocs version 4.5 and just updated to 4.5.2.

You should be fine. Blocs works well with PHP 8. I cannot vouch with 100% certainty for older versions of Blocs but no worries with Blocs 4.

This is actually something I’m potentially facing very soon with an old client site I build with Foundation in Rapidweaver that will not support any PHP version beyond 7.4. In practice the main site will continue to work when PHP 7.4 is removed at some stage, however the mail contact form will break. I contacted the client about this a year or so ago but never had a reply.

I would go with php 8 or 8.1. They are faster and more secure. Older versions work but it is better to use the new ones.

Just addressing this bit… If you’re using a contact form, the site is using PHP.

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