Blocs and Pulse CMS

Anyone have experience with Pulse CMS to share?
Do you need to buy Pulse engine in order to build websites as well?

What are the CMS features in Pulse?

I tried using Pulse in a recent project that I just launched. It was unable to handle the search and mapping functionality built into the site to the point where the pages wouldn’t fully load and the site crashed. It was a disaster to be candid, and we switched to Perch CMS to finish the project. The other notable thing is say about Pulse is the the directory is enormous. 140MB compared to Perch’s 5. It took nearly 45 minutes just to upload the entire Pulse directory to my server via FTP. Finally, the Pulse dashboard appearance and functionality I’d rate poor compared to the very attractive and organized Perch dashboard. Here’s the project. Built with Blocs but integrated with Mapbox and Perch CMS:

There is a Black Friday 40% sale for the next 24 hours where Pulse costs $178, rather than the usual $297. They offer an online demo that I want to have a look at, however this is not specific to Blocs and I don’t believe it has even been tested with Blocs 3 at the moment. It’s supposed to have e-commerce billing integration coming soon, however these comments from @Creative are certainly food for thought.

I am searching for a cost effective CMS with easy setup and management at my end, while appealing to customers. I know they won’t be prepared to pay monthly fees for something like Cushy, but equally they’ll run a mile from alternatives like October that involve code editing.

On a side note, it’s ironic that the least technical clients seem to be the most intent on making their own updates and I recall one case where a client complained that the word doc they were attempting to use as a header image wasn’t converting to jpeg…

@Flashman, Perch is a one time fee of $69. per site. No ongoing fees. The dashboard rocks, trust me.

I just wonder what is involved with the integration process. I produce a site in Blocs, but how do I make it all editable by Perch?

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Sadly, I can’t answer that directly. I collaborated on this last project with another developer who handled the Perch (and formerly Pulse) integration. He swears by it. I can send you some screen shots of the dashboard if you’d like. It’s much more organized, robust and professional looking than Pulse in my opinion. I’m planning on sitting down with him soon, now that our project is launched and having him explain how the integration was configured. Im curious myself.

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