Blocs and Pulse folders

In Rapidweaver when using Pulse I can create page folders within the Blocks folder and just assign a block name for example:
The “home/” being the name of the folder I place “home-left-col.txt” in

When I try to do the same in Blocs the “/” gets changed into a “-” preventing it working like it does in Rapidweaver

Is there any way of using Blocs to read the block text file in a folder as it makes having a logical structure in Pulse much easier?


Thanks Richard - Blocs is exporting Pulse content in the same way as usual so this should work no problem in the usual folder structure. Can you show some examples?

Hi Michael,
The problem isn’t with Pulse it is to do with the Blocs Pulse CMS Block Object. The “Block ID” doesn’t allow for creating a file path. If I put the folder name for example “home” (which is inside the Pulse Blocks folder) followed by a forward slash for example:

“home/left-column” into the Blocks ID it gets changed by Blocs to:


I can get things to work by creating a Pulse tag within a Blocs HTML Widget for example:
{{block:home/left-column}} which respects the file path structure.

It’s just a shame that Blocs Pulse CMS doesn’t allow for doing this.