Blocs app buyer's perspective


Your response says it all…


Forgetting the stuff about what your ex-clients think, raise any specific issues in a separate thread.

For a new feature, post it in “Wish List”.
For a problem “I need help”.

This would probably get a more specific response from Norm since it’s hard to deal with a very general criticism of any software.

You might be surprised at how being very specific can result in future changes, or sometimes an explanation of why something isn’t implemented.

I think your posts are also suffering from a bit of a language barrier so keeping to a single subject would help that too.

Negatively commenting on a tool or website can really be helpful. Either you find there’s a better way to use the software than you thought or the developer can be alerted to an issue. Now and again you can just agree to disagree.

Have another go, but simplify.


I can only speak for myself - a potential Blocs buyer who ended up something else than Blocs after the 5 day trial, mainly for these reasons:

• 5 days is too short for an app with a much steeper learning curve than the other app.
• I strongly disliked the idea that sometimes, when the mouse is in insert mode, the mouse icon reflects that, but other times it doesn’t. I often ended up seeing behaviour I didn’t expect at all.
• From what I could find out during these 5 days, Blocs doesn’t offer a way to allow all or some pages be based on the same master page. That master page could eg. contain a header, a footer and a (extremely important:) sidebar. As far as I understood, not only were a lot of steps needed in order to create sidebar navigation, but there wasn’t a way to to create a global sidebar for all (or some) pages either; the Blocs concept seems to be based on copying one page and build the next page on that copy.
• This means that (again, if I got this right) one needs to change all these pages later, one by one, if one wants a different kind of side bar, for instance.
• Blocs looks very (visually) good, but I don’t like the idea of dealing with so many small icons based on the same colours and many similar shapes without having the option to always display each of the icons with a word that describes what that icon is about.
• And finally: like some other apps I like, Blocs seem to be built mainly for those who are going to use it regularly or all the time. That’s fair enough, but means that those of us who will use it intensively now and then will miss a more obvious user interface when we use it. I use too many different apps to be able to remember the key commands and other needed stuff to get a good workflow in all of them, so I prefer apps which are as self-explanatory as possible.
• Contextual menus everywhere, user assignable key commands, everything doable with both menus, key commands, and contextual menus, and help info around every corner is what I’m looking for.

By the same amount of time I needed in order to figure out how certain things are meant to be done, I had almost built a small website in the other.

I’m still considering buing Blocs, mainly because I have found a lot of bugs in the other app.


Thanks for the feedback :raised_hands:

Without getting into too much detail, I think you’ll like Blocs 3. It’s a leap forward and a lot more built out. The trial will also be unlimited but limited in various other ways so you can always fire it up and use it in a trial state.

Anyway, check back soon and try Blocs 3 :sunglasses:


Ok. This my last attempt to clarify what is on my mind.
I want to point the things that @norm could eliminate, to make our experiences with app better. Ok. It is not a proper part of forum to do this. But my observations are general not detailed. The direction of our conversation makes my clarifications more detailed, because of the “what do you want at all?” questions. :slight_smile:

For example - tell my why is that when I point the things that require attention or improving there is silence in the answer? “I have no time to clarify”? :slight_smile: Look at my Forms creation still far from perfect topic. I pointed two problems there in my last post. No answer. I pointed those problems earlier in the other topic. No answer. No reaction at all for months. No corrections or improvement and no comments. Those problems are not important? Should I think: “This app is for english speaking people and creates the forms proper for them.” ? :wink: Or: “Edit it manually later and shut up”? :smiley:

At last: While the time will pass it will be more and more such a problems without eliminating them. I’m leaving it to consider. Sorry for my english but (let me tell the joke) "I have no time to learn it better and I have no excuse for that". :wink:

Despite of what do you think about the expression of my statements - I wish happy webmastering to everybody! :ok_hand:


You had a response from Norm.

I don’t know about Norm but I struggle to follow your posts because they tend to be embellished with little comments and I read them and wonder exactly what it is that you are trying to say.

Just stick to very specific, focused posts rather than these long laments.


Citation from this post:

Anyway - /includes/(name_of_form).php/“You have received a new message.” “Not a valid email address” Those 2 messages are still not translatable.

Is this specific enough? Can you see any answer for this? :slight_smile: Greetings. :slight_smile:


Hi @c0mp0ser

As @Norm previsouly said the W3c validation should be taken with a “pinch of salt” especially since any site will show some “errors” that are actually most of the time not relevant at all and just signaling custom classes. Perhaps, you could private message or open a support ticket @Norm with the Blocs file of your site or provide the site url and he could then have a look. Perhpas if there is actually a real problem it may also be something you did incorrectly or omitted.



“Norm, I’d like to have my form respond in German, how can I do that?”

Would be the easy way to do it.


I know how to do that. By editing the code in javascript files which are generated during website export. I can’t find any other way to edit those tags. You don’t know about it because of that you create mostly the english language websites, @pauland:smiley:

There is probably more tags like this - not translatable using Blocs app interface… And nobody cares about it.

Finally: it is about caring about the details. It is about not pushing problems into non-existence.


Google search engine thinks different about that matter. :slight_smile:


Well well if you are so unhappy why not chose another app and load all your unconstructive critisms on another forum…


Thats interesting. Did you try Google in the W3C validator, It doesn’t look like they care about W3C either. Here is some of the most popular websites in existence, all have errors and warning according to W3C.

Google - W3C score

Yahoo - W3C Score

Bing - W3C Score

Apple - W3C Score

Microsoft - W3C Score


I’d like to throw my 2 cents out there, I started using Blocs and was slightly furiated at what I thought was limited capability, its only through spending some time playing around, watching videos, the help of this forum and building a 50 page website with over 1,800 images that I’ve learned new and more advanced things when building a website, and if I had to do it all again, it would be completely different. Unfortunately, its very hard to make something incredibly easy to use for beginners but also extremely advanced and in-depth for professional. As a business owner who thrives on a good reputation and customer service, I think @Norm is doing a perfect job considering he dedicates a lot of his time to developing Blocs, plus his family time, and responding to feedback, bugs and helping others out with issues they encounter as much as he can.


Ok, this post thread looks like a good place to throw 2 cents. :smile:

This is mine. I talk mostly about Blocs in this video.


Eldar, Thank You! This video really sums up what many Blocs users have experienced. I had the same intial thought about Bloc 1 until I kept learning how it works. With the advances in mobile devices many web designers have had to change.

Believe me, I’ve had my share of Blocs frustrations along the way (just ask Norm). I think the most important thing anyone can take away from Eldar’s video is stop trying to exploit its weakness and find it’s strengths. It has many, just look around at the sites that have been built with Blocs.



Well done, thats a really nice video and perspective, as always @Eldar.

Also your corresponding Blog post.

@norm There are portions of this video (directly related to Blocs) that may be worth adding on the home page of Blocs app. Perhaps under some heading such as “Coming from another web designer app?” followed by a list of those various apps, then this video.

@Eldar You might also consider making basic singular videos or Blog posts (for each popular app people may come to Blocs from) showing the mindset and workflow differences to help people coming from other apps more easily adjust to Blocs. Having these basic comparative videos free and public may help those coming from other apps to Blocs and help both Norm and yourself.


@Blocs_User As always, thank you for kind words!

The video (and the post) was actually part of the process of rebuilding my new website. I wanted to tell my story on my new about page, but your suggestion is actually very good! I didn’t use all of the apps out there extensively (ex, webflow, wixdotcom, etc), but I can do that for the ones I have mentioned in the post and video. Thank you for your suggestion.



Google? Apple? Are these really good examples? :slight_smile: These sites have millions of visits a day without search engine positioning. They could only contain errors. :smiley:

The google search engine does not like sites that have errors and this has an impact on the positioning of the site. You do not believe? Ask a friend who knows.

And what about the form? Will still send emails with a hardcoded message in English: “You have received a new message.”? Will the form still display hard-coded in English: “Not a valid email address”?

Let me tell you something. You want to scold me and downplay what I write. I do not mind. But to downplay such trifles is not seriously treating the client who would like to help improve the application. I feel very disgusted.:woozy_face: EOT.


We get the problem with the email form. I’m sure it’s on the to-do list. No point in going on about it.

The W3C issues, I think for most of the Blocsapp community it’s not regarded as a serious problem. You will need to decide how important the issue is and how you might improve things.

Nobody is scolding you.

You aren’t in a battle. You have no need to feel disgusted.

I think you are at one of those crossroads. Either embrace what blocsapp is, or find a better alternative.