Blocs app buyer's perspective


I’m not scolding you, I’m simply making my point and providing evidence on why W3C validation is not somthing you should loose sleep over. I’m trying to reassure you and broaden your knowledge.

Trust me, if this was an issue, I’d be out of business, infact if it where that bad you wouldn’t even be here as the Blocs site is built with Blocs and google wouldn’t rank it so no one would find it to buy it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a modern site pass a W3C validation test. I’d love to see some good modern examples.

I’ll take a look at the form issue and I’ll see if I can improve the validation, however I’m not sure it’s going to be possibly to get a full pass especially if you use embeds, but I will try to improve this :+1:


I tend to find that most Blocs pages pass validation or fail for really silly points, like the transparent lazyload.png not having an alt attribute. One point that crops up is success-msg not being allowed on an element form, but I cannot honestly see that impacting your site in any major way.

Out of curiosity I just ran a check on a couple web pages done using Foundation and they were laden with validation errors that I didn’t expect, yet nevertheless they rank well.


Yeah, maybe coders just got lazy but I’m going to try an improve it For Blocs sites.


Hello, I was just browsing and stumbled across this thread as I’m interested in becoming a customer.

And I believe @c0mp0ser has been misunderstood by what he refers to as client he actually means being a blocs customer. So his intention to point out expectations and experience with the software is valuable and should be considered, as @Norm openly did.

Have fun


Andy I went back to look at the first post and I think you are absolutely right. It’s never been about clients wanting to take over their websites, but simply the client vs developer perspective.

So a good chunk of my posts and some others is just plain wrong.

My apologies for the misunderstanding regarding handing over websites to the clients @c0mp0ser.



Quick update I’ve fixed up various W3C warnings relating to forms. These fixes included in Blocs 3 which is weeks away from launch. I’ll address the form language issue next.

Keep the faith :fist:


Sorry guys, but my english is far from perfect. :stuck_out_tongue: Obviously I have not enough skills to describe properly what is on my mind… Sorry for a mess!!!

  1. I love the Blocs App
  2. I would be glad if this app would be the best it can be
  3. I’m trying to be helpful for developers, nothing more. And I’m trying to help to improve the things which are painful to me and as I suppose maybe to the others too.
  4. In the future I will try to be precise with my statements, without this unnecessary additional “philosophy”. :wink:

Thank you for the patience. Happy working! :ok_hand:

BTW. TWO of the websites created by me using the Blocs app are still present online and they are doing well. Both are almost 100% W3C valid.


I’ve just added the ability to set the greeting message via the sidebar in Blocs 3. So next week this is no longer going to be an issue. :+1:


“Next Week” Spoiler alert lol. Checking my piggy bank for funds.


As far I know - “Not valid email address” is still not translatable using the Blocs 2 interface … I have to check it in Blocs 3.

EDIT: Still the same situation in Blocs 3. Form messages should be all translatable using Blocs interface. The way of this feature implemetation depends on you … :slight_smile:
I hope my english is understandable … :roll_eyes:



Leave it with me!

Forms: Custom error message for Email field