Blocs app, is there a translation into Spanish?

Hello everyone! I am new and I am testing Blocs, it seems an incredible and very good application.

My question is if there is a possibility that the translation of the application into Spanish?


Hi @desirerio welcome to the forum,

Not presently to my knowledge, but localization into other languages was discussed just over 2 years ago …

EDIT / Update:

Actually here is another from a bit over year ago concerning localization to other languages.

Took me forever to find these two posts. :wink:

Otherwise, @norm would again need to answer this with any further updates.

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Thank you very much for the answer, it is a pity that for the moment there is no translation, touch a little more time with patience and enjoy more of the application.

You’re welcome.


Quizás tengas suerte después de todo. :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Long process though to learn and then add multiple languages to the app.

I think many apps utilize a basic JSON file that populates an apps menus and textual content based upon the operating systems language localization. Otherwise the documentation is generally the bulk of the conversion.

@desirerio, just curious but does this sample Blocs documentation sound fairly accurate or is it a garbled mess via Google Translate?

Thank you very much everyone for the information, take a look at Google Translate while the big day arrives.

@desirerio So, is using Google Translate fairly accurate and make sense ?

Sometimes one is better than the other, but honestly it did not have much time to be 100% verifiable, when I do more checks, I write the results here.

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Usa de momento algún traductor! Una vez que te familiarises con lo que es cada cosa te resultara mas fácil. Ademas en el forum habemos muchos españoles, has una pregunta cuando no entiendas algo y ya alguien te respodera :slight_smile: