Blocs App V4.3.2 keeps crashing

Hiya, I seem to be having an issue where blocs app just seems to randomly crash. It has happened quite frequently over the last few days. I would be just adjusting font size or changing a picture and it just crashes. This is becoming rather frustrating as I tend to redo all the work over again. Help please. I am running it on a MacBook Air 13 2020 running big sur 11.5.2. Has any one had issues like this? How did you sort this out?



Is the Mac an M1 Mac? still a few things cropping up with those Macs, but its still pretty stable.

Hi Norm, Its the intel based Mac.

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it also literally just crashed as I was typing the message above and I had done some work on the site so I am sure ill need to start again.

Is it crashing when the software is being left alone?

What location are you saving the file too? iCloud?

it crashes when I am working on it and when its alone. It saves locally on the drive which is then backed up to iCloud.

Could you please try restarting your Mac and see if the problem persists.

Looks like the auto backup on iCloud may be breaking things.

Just a thought that it might be better saving auto backups to another drive that is not affected by iCloud.

Thanks, yeah I may need to do this. this issue of crashing only started this week.

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