Blocs App Wordpress Themes

Is there any possibility in future for the ability to export to WordPress themes?

Life is really to short to tweak the code to make it work in wordpress🤪


I hope so too … and not just for Wordpress (also Joomla)

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That might be interesting for some people:

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Has anyone tried it yet… any experiences??

Guys, just a heads up we will be releasing a dedicated Blocs wordpress solution very soon. Beta testing will begin in July.

Might be worth waiting, as I’d hate for you to waste your money :wink:


sounds amazing, ive been handcoding the changes all along.
this will save me so much time!

The pinegrow-converter is a sophisticated professional tool. To reach this level, if at all, your solution will certainly take a long time, I guess.

Maybe, all I know is the Blocs solution is powerful and easy to use.


Best to wait and see, @Norm has never let us down to date :grinning:


It’s a wonderful news for Wordpress is that I’ve been waiting for a long time !!! I was going to buy Pinegrow, I’ll wait if it’s not too long.

I find it quiet impressive that Matjez specificly mentioned blocs in his add.
Blocs obviously gained it´s well diserved reputation!

Again: “Let the worms crawl” :joy:


Maybe that’s what he thought when he mentioned Blocs. :thinking:

Can you help me how to do that? I’m having issues with the coding to make upload my blocs to wordpress. pleaaaseee :sob::sob:

its a verry long process that requires php and js basics.
this tutorial helped me out verry good

after you exported the blocs website you follow the tutorial