Blocs are suddenly not editable

Hi everyone,

I have a Blocs file where one of the pages is suddenly not editable.

For example, when I click in a paragraph to edit the text, it doesn’t respond.

Or, if I click on an item in the layer navigator, it moves a little, but doesn’t jump to that part on the page.

The site was editable and working fine until today. I can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

In addition, this is a big corporate site that is supposed to go live on Monday, so I’m going to have issues if the site is not working properly.

Edit: I figured it out. I deleted the Blocs that were causing issues and then did “undo”. They starting working again.

Glad you sorted it out. Just wondering if there is anything you can tell us about what you were doing when it went wrong that might help discover the cause.

I’m not 100% sure. I was just editing some text that had wrap in span attached. I actually also just submitted a bug request to Blocs.

I wondered if there are any details you could add like the OS and Blocs version, where the project was saved and things like that.

If you include as much detail as possible, along with the project file when sending in a bug report that helps Norm identify any potential problems.

It started doing it again. Half of my blocs disappeared and are not showing in the layer tree, but when I try to add new ones it says I already have blocs with that name. I have a Mojave Mac and am operating on Blocs 3.5.0. The project was just saved on my desktop.
@Flashman. I already sent it my contact request. Was that not the right place to send it?

No you did the right thing. It would be worth checking with the latest beta which may have a couple fixes that resolve your problem

Thanks @Flashman I did try that too, with no luck. How long does it typically take to hear back from them? Do they work on the weekends? I’m just worried because I know Monday morning if those parts of the site are missing, it will be an issue (as this is a corporate site that is supposed to launch to a couple thousand people on Tuesday morning).

It can vary depending on the workload and what they are able to discover. I am not involved with any of that and really just another Blocs user like yourself, but I assume the official support hours are Monday - Friday.

Ok, thank you. It says online that their hours are 9-5, but it could very well be that is exclusive of the weekend, like you suggested.

@flashman I solved it. There was definitely a glitch in the software but I managed a workaround by creating a new page and duplicating each block (adding it to the new page).

That’s weird but good you managed to solve this before your deadline. Sometimes problems can be down to individual configurations like saving to iCloud or having data stored on an external drive.

Hopefully Norm can see the problematic project file if you sent that in and work out the cause. Though painful and annoying, problems like this actually lead to a better app in the long run.

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Exactly, I’m hoping whatever the problem he can work it out and add the solution to the next app update. Thanks for your help!