Blocs asking for content I have deleted

I’ve finally started working on my first website using Blocs. It’s nothing too elaborate but a good opportunity to throw myself in the deep end and start shifting away from Rapidweaver. Some aspects are initially confusing, but there are also moments when I can’t help but smile at the way Blocs works.

On this project I first added an image as a temporary measure while playing around and then deleted it together with the structure bloc. I added a different image with another file name, but every time I open the project now Blocs wants to reconnect with the deleted item. Is there a logical explanation for this or is it just a bug? It doesn’t seem normal.

@Flashman are you using 2.3? I just fixed a bug regarding this in build 14. If you right click the item in the missing asset dialog and remove it, it should show anymore.

Yes I am using beta 14. The right click remove did the trick. :+1:

Presumably this won’t happen again in future with other assets that are deleted.

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