Blocs assets handling ... once again

I know Norm is really doing a great job :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck: :+1: and is working hard to make Blocs even more awesome … but … I have another issue …

Started a new project and stored everything as usual in one folder on my external drive. Started working in Blocs, imported images etc. At some point I decided I needed to change the size of several images, so I right-clicked an image in the asset manager and clicked on “show in finder”. From finder I then dragged the image into Photoshop, changes its size and saved it.

I went back into Blocs and selected the images whose size I just changed, and they showed the old size. I though: “hey, that’s weird, I changed the size of this image, but it’s size is still the same as before I changed it.”

After scolding myself for doing something stupid I finally found out what was happening: If I right-click an image in the asset manager and select “show in finder”, Blocs does NOT show me the location of the original image in my original folder.

Blocs shows me the image in the following location:

Library/Application Support/Blocs 3/ tempAssetStorage/ExternalDrives/MyDrive/etc.

And since I just dragged that found image into Photoshop without double checking in which folder Blocs pointed me to, I changed the image in the temp folder and not the original one.

Sorry, guys but if I click on “show in finder” I expect a software to show my asset in it’s original location, and not in some temp folder somewhere else.

I might add that after saving and closing Blocs, the temp folder and its contents seem to be deleted …

Yes, I also previously noticed some issues with updating assets when the temp area is being used because of external drives usage. Hopefully this anomaly will be eliminated with the upcoming embed option in Blocs 3.4.

Thanks for bring this to our attention. :smile:
I agree and have found this to be a problem.