Blocs change from h1 to column

This is happening continuously. I have raised this issue couple of times, but this has not been fixed.

So you are having H1, and you are adding a custom class (font bigger) and span on specific keywords. Blocs automatically change the H1 to the column. See image.

This bug is more the one year old. It has something with span to do. If you are not using span it doesn’t happen.


Have you filed a bug report?

Couple time, need to do it again. This happens occasionally. Not all the time. Only when i get span on that custom font size.

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Yeah I’ve had issues with spans. It’s hard to replicate because it’s not consistent.

There’s a patch in 3.5.2 (which is now live) that should correct this.


Thanks. I have updated it today. Will try tomorrow again to use spans. Because of the deploy time I just left the spans out :smiley:


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I have had this error, file a report and they gave me the answer.

When you use a class that contains the word “col” in your case “color-white” blocsapp turns the text into a column.

To fix it just change the word “color” for another and it will become text again.

This has worked for me.

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That work around is no longer required, but yes that was the case :slight_smile:

super, that’s excellent.

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Ooo I see. I never have thought about that. Thanks for explanation :smiley: