Blocs Chat

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been working on the idea of a weekly get together & thinking about calling it Blocs Chat.

We’re going to do this every Monday at 1pm Central time (GMT -5)

Everyone is welcome - I’ll be available for an hour. I’m hoping other devs and forum moderators could be there too, as it can be a little more show & tell with screen sharing.

Hope to see you there.

I’ll post a link here a few minutes before so you can join.

Next Meeting: Monday July 22nd at 1pm U.S. Central time (GMT -5)

Meeting Link:


Meetings will be using Skype - Please do the following BEFORE the meeting starts (you only have to do this once):

You can get Skype here: Download Skype

Once you have installed it, go to System Settings > Privacy & Security as seen here:

You will need to give Skype permissions for Microphone, Camera and Screen Recording.

Here’s the Microphone setting, similar for Camera & Screen Recording.




Great idea Bill.
I am out of town on Monday, but would have joined to just listen.

Rich the Weather Guy

Sounds good, How do we join the Chat?

Good luck with this @Bill , unfortunately I wont be able to tune in this time, but think it’s a cool idea.

Blocs Chat is Live!

How do we join?

You just click the link in the first post: Update above - lol

My brane couldn’t work out what GMT-5 is in BST.

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Thanks for those who joined the chat - we had a good conversation. If you want to hang out - then please join us again next week on Monday at 1pm Central time (GMT -5)




It’s British summer time here at the moment where the clocks go forward one hour, so that would be 7.00pm here in the UK and 8.00pm in central Europe I believe.

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Is there some kind of recording of the chat? I would have loved to join too, or at least watch it afterwords! Will do my best to join next time.


That had me confused, however, when it comes to time zones it doesn’t take much. I totally overlooked the (-).

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@Bill be good to have a heads up when these are happening again, what about setting up a Discord chat or something? Cheers

Hi Everyone,
Sorry, I didn’t reply back sooner, but I got really busy.
I’m going to try and do this every Monday at 1pm Central time (GMT -5)

I’m still looking for a good solution that has what we will need. [A link I can send out, easy-to-use screen-sharing controls & video support for those that want to show themselves :wink: ]
I’m looking at free alternatives at the moment - Discord is next.

Thanks & I hope to see a bunch more of the community next week.



How to Create a Group Video Call in Discord! Create a Video Call in Discord!

FaceTime would work too I think, unless we get too many people. Not sure how many users it is limited to right now.

Update: tried FaceTime - screenshare controls are a bit buggy
tried Discord - huge fail - users can’t get into correct channel

I’ll look at other options.

Update: tried Google Meet - is just too blurry - only 720p for screenshare & can’t see enough detail to be useful

@Eldar , A group FaceTime call is limited to 32 participants, in addition like many things Apple, it is not allowed in certain countries and regions, which may well effect certain Blocs users.

With all the issues being discussed regarding video conferencing in this thread, it’s hard to imagine we are in 2024, the world went through Covid at home and masses now work remotely. :joy:

Concerning 720p, you can record it and use AI upscale to make it 4K and beyond, then post it for everyones pleasure. :smile:

Lastly, that’s an impressive collage rendition of a Brad Pitt & Jason Priestley face by AI in the video poster image above. That seems to be a definitive trend to mimic famous people just enough to harken recognition subconsciously, while not enough to garner legal issues.