Blocs crashes when opening the project

Hello, I need help. Blocs crashes whenever I try to open my project I’ve been working on. The issue I was having before closing blocs prior to that problem was that I couldn’t change the background video, so I saved the project, quit the app hoping reopening will help and since then I cannot open it again. It just shows “blocs working, this may take a few moments” then completely crash. Is there any chance of recovering the project? Thank you

Sorry to hear that, I can try and get this to work again. I’ll contact you with a DM here at the forum to get a download link etc as I will need the file.

Fixed and ready for build 10

I just have to comment on this thread.

Firstly it is a rare thing to see a crashed post or indeed any problem on this forum. That is not normal and an indicator of all the good work going on and the quality of testing.

Then the developer responds in person with a proposed course of action.

Who then in less that an hour fixes it in the update to be released later that day! Outstanding.

All of this is very very rare today and very encouraging to see.

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Norm is doing an amazing job indeed, would buy my licence for blocs again if I could afford it :smiley:

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Nice drumming, Norm :wink:

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Build 10 is now available here