Blocs crashes

Hi today had three attempts to create new blocs project. Running latest Blocs on Mac)S Mojave 10.14.3
Saved new project immediately, created 5 pages, but in settings, I have selected text for H! plus colour, favicin and logo, Select done and machine scrolls with a messgae-"Updating thumbnails please wair, but the whole thing freezes. So three times had to power off the Mac I have not even tried to download any Google fonts, in view of other posts on the subject - just Lato 900 for H1’s
Suggestions for assistance please

Is your project and Blocs stored on your local HD or on a networkdrive? In the past I had major issues with SandVox and projects stored on my QNAP-device, communicating with Samba (SMB) protocol.

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Thank you Murgen, two minds thinking alike, as I moved my project from my iCloud drivve to my local docs folder and problem solved! Thank you for your assistance.