Blocs crashing and other odd behavior

I’m currentlly using Blocs 4.1.0.b4. It’s been stable until yesterday. It crashed several times. This morning when opening a project, I see the bloc id names are not showing. I’ve expanded the small settings panel hoping to see a show/hide bloc id names setting, but there isn’t one…

I’ve had weird issues with Blocs, too, where it seems like the file has corrupted and the software stops working properly/gets glitchy.

What I had to do in the past, was save my blocs to the library (right click on the bloc) and then drop it into a new file. I know that’s annoying but it worked for me.

I use Blocs 4.1 and have often the issue that class changes have no effect anymore or that I can’t scroll up and down anymore.

Restarting Blocs solves it but it happens several times a day.

You are using an out of date beta. Update.

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That’s the canvas settings try using the layer tree settings (far left corner of the app)

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Hi @Creative,
Have a look in the very bottom left of the layer tree settings (3 lines with dots in them) and switch on “include ID in layer title” from the popup.

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Thanks guys.

PS: I did use the “Check for Updates” feature within Blocs and was told my version was the latest.

Betas shouldn’t be used for updates. Delete them once the beta period is complete.


How do I know when the beta period is over? Do you have a direct link to an updates page for future reference?

Also, have you looked into why some of my Blocs sites don’t load properly when attempting to preview? I get a ‘/null’ instead of .html at the end of the address. See screenshot.

Thank You!

Each released is mentioned on our social media channels and major releases also via mail shot.


I don’t always check in with social media and don’t recall seeing emails about the latest beta release. Was hoping there was a page I could check occasionally to make sure I had the latest version. Is there not?

There is the beta page which you download betas from.

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Is it good practice to always immediately update to the latest beta versions or better to wait to see how they perform? Thanks Norm

A beta is a pre-release for testing. That territory comes with issues at times, that’s part of the process, which also means reporting bugs and helping Norm refine a stable release.

Best (safest) Practise is using the official stable releases.

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but then we miss out on all the updated goodies. :smile:

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I agree with @Malachiman

:white_check_mark: This is the main release link.
Use this for production and daily work.

:rotating_light: This is the beta release link (when betas are available).
Use the beta versions with caution and on backups of projects.

I would highly suggest to stick with the main release builds for production work unless you absolutely need a new feature that is being rolled out in the beta versions. When using betas proceed with caution and always use backups. As you will notice the beta process takes weeks across multiple builds so issues can occur while bugs are being hunted, reported and fixed.


thank you for that info!