Blocs Creativity template 4.5.1


I am using the template above as a starting off point for a quick one page website. Problem: in the template, after a button is clicked (most lead to anchors on the page) and you scroll back to the button, the button appears transparent. This happens in the browser view (Chrome and Firefox). Previewing in Blocs it appears fine. Any thoughts? I tried setting the .active link class in the Project Settings but that didn’t help. I also tried setting the “visited link” and that didn’t help. Same with setting “active link” in the button’s class. Help? Thanks!

See attachment. When button clicked, and then I scroll back to top to view button, it appears transparent instead of yellow. This is previewed in Chrome (also appears this way in Firefox). Looks fine in Blocs preview and Safari.

It’s always worth asking the creator of the template as they offer support on things like this & quick resolved answers.

I am guessing this is one for @Eldar who will help

Good luck


Thanks! Someone else just suggested the very same thing! :slight_smile:

Hi Maureen,

I just got your email, and yes it is better to contact me via email, as that’s the way I provide customer support, but since you mentioned that you have posted here as well, I will reply here for other to see.

To fix the issue you mentioned, open the class attached to the button crea-button, and edit the color for the button for the ‘Focus’ mode. I believe Safari and Blocs itself show the normal or hover colours when in focus, but in Chrome, it becomes transparent (as you mentioned). Adding the color you want in this class will solve it.

If you will have any other questions, I am always happy to help.


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Yay thanks so much Eldar!

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