Blocs + flat-file CMS (e.g. grav)?

New to blocs and its ilk but with experience of Drupal, Joomla et al. One of the hassles of the latter is the setting up, management and migration of the underlying RDBMS. I discovered grav - it doesn’t need a DB. The questions:

  1. Does anyone have experience of flat-file CMS’s? What are the pros/cons?
  2. What other flat-file CMSs are there, and which might be chosen as a target for a future Blocs export option?
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Hi @smrynap,

Welcome to the Blocs forum.

These are the current CMS’s that are integrated for easy use inside of Blocs.

Some of those being free, while others are paid services you can use. Plenty of others exist as well.

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@smrynap Pulse is a flat file CMS :wink:

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I did not know about Grav (thank’s @smrynap Paolo) but it seems an interesting product, open source and free. It would be interesting to implement it in Blocs.

Or maybe you can already do it with bric html?

P. S .: I see that I am not the only Italian … I felt too lonely :smiley:

Hi, I made tutorials for all cms that can be implemented into blocs and how to install them on a web server here.

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Thanks. I’m trying out October for now (also flat-file). I was interested in general insights into how scaleable sites are based on flat-file CMS’ vs RDBMS-based, and if there are any tips to ease the [blocs] design/export -> [CMS] import/test cycle (which I’m finding quite painful at the moment).

Sorry, I’m not italian (well, maybe a few percent) but you can still call me Paolo!

Grav seems to be directed towards non-techies, focussing on md-based content rather than design or ‘cosmetics’. It’s clear that Blocs will only want to export into CMS’s that have a certain take-up in the field - I’m not sure Grav is there yet or ever will be.

October is free. (At least for now.) For newbies like us, that’s a biggie.

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Unfortunately many old documentation links posted throughout the forum no longer work. The documentation was revamped/restructured and the previous links were not mapped/redirected to the new ones. But everyone can find and search the Blocs 3 help and documentation here.

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