Blocs for client sites


I’ve usually used Wordpress for client sites but have gradually made the shift to static sites instead in a lot of circumstances.

Because I’m looking for a faster way to build these sites, I’ve been investigating a few Bootstrap visual builder apps. So far, Blocs is leading as the best tool for me but I want to make extra sure I’m making the right choice in software to learn and dive deeper into.

So my question is, does anyone use Blocs to build client sites? Any problems refining or adding standard Bootstrap code after export?

I’ll probably use Jekyll to actually build my sites after creating the templates in something like Blocs.

Thank you.

You can see some user made sites here:

View the source on some of those [ HTML / JS / CSS ] , and determine if the core structure and current Bootstrap overrides, etc., are to you’re liking and something you feel comfortable working with. Review things and determine possible conflicts that would need addressed with your workflow, upon each export. Along with if everything is up to your standards and expectations as a starting point for your furthered development post export with your projects.

You may also be interested at times in the various CMS integrations that Blocs offers, as possible alternatives to Jekyll on various projects.

I would suggest downloading the Demo, and see if the HTML Widget Bric, CSS Class Manager, and the various Page Settings (for adding in external JS/CSS references, etc.,) would allow you to implement all that you require. So you get an understanding of how far you can go in Blocs, before export and onto your post export edits. Blocs has it’s own file format and structure so once exported any changes will not be included or reflected in the Blocs file itself. Like would be the case if you were working with native source files by contrast in something like Pinegrow, etc.,

Let us know what you think, I would be interested in your feedback.

Thank you. Some of the sites in your gallery look quite nice. The output looked fine - standard bootstrap so I imagine that adding to it after export would be fine. As for workflow, I do a bit too much bouncing around between html and css which tends to slow me down. That’s why a visual tool like this (taking care of the ‘design’ up front and quickly) would save me some time by combining both steps into one.

I assume you use it yourself for client sites. Any disadvantages you’ve noticed? I imagine it’s pretty quick to implement changes based on client feedback.

As for CMS implementation, I don’t use any of the current CMS supported, but I can see how I could use the php tags for Pulse to give me the skeleton for placing liquid tags for using with Jekyll.

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I am not affiliated with that site, it’s a curated sampling of sites made with Blocs put together by @Eldar.

Well it sounds like perhaps Blocs will work for your intentions then. I’m curious, what other builders are you comparing it to? I wont speak on disadvantages or shortcomings, as they may vary widely from user to user based upon personal expectations and requirements. I would however again suggest trying the demo if you have not already and see first hand the possible workflow you would be attempting in Blocs and beyond. That would be your clearest approach of evaluation.

Good advice @Blocs_User, I always recommend folks just download the trial on a free weekend and simply mess around with the app to get a idea how it all works and if it feels right.

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