Blocs for idiots

I’ve never built a website before… Blocs or any other app. Even though I am ancient
in years (71) I know I can learn as I have mastered Logic Audio and other professional
level apps before. BUT, I find much of what the Blocs tutorials offer takes for granted that
the new user already knows a boat load of website design knowledge… acronyms,
nomenclature, etc. (I.e. Drag and drop a pic. Does it have to be cropped BEFORE you
drop it? Or, can it be resized in the app? Et al) Are there any TRULY basic tutorials
for Blocs, etc. that someone could recommend?

Thanks in advance!

Images effectively need to ready for web before importing to Blocs. By that I mean they should be optimised for fast page loading so they should be at more or less the right dimensions and saved for web. Blocs won’t take a 5mb file from your camera and make it smaller.

If you have some sort of imaging app like Pixelmator or Photoshop it should be fairly easy to resize images in advance. It doesn’t matter if they are a little too big, because Blocs can change the physical dimensions on screen, but you want to avoid having files that are too heavy, because it will make the web page very slow to load. Once you have resized the image you could use something like ImageOptim to optimise them for fast page loading.

In terms of easy tutorials there is a Blocs 3 for beginners course that costs $49, but I haven’t tried it, so I cannot tell you much about it.


Even though you have to use this for every image, it works great!
You can change the size as well as the size of the file.

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I’m an idiot and I managed to build a website on Blocs :stuck_out_tongue:

Think you just have to learn it bit by bit, it’s a challenge, but learning new skills is fun and good for the brain. You will get there with perseverance and lots of questions on this board.

Good luck with the project

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