Blocs has became very slowly

Hello everybody,
After to have made changed the system of my computer (Mac Pro 2008) per “Mojave 10.14.6” and installed a new graphic card (Nvidia GetForce GTX 680, VRAM 2 Go) I have big problems of speed with Blocs 3.4.2. It turns very, very slowly, really. Yet, I haven’t no problem with the other software, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere, etc. to name just a few among the greediest.
Of course, I installed again the 3.4.2 version after to have cleaned all.
So, if among you someone has known the same, I will be delighted to have his return of experience, mainly if he found the solution.
Thanks by advance and sorry to my very bad English.
Have a nice day,

I am on a Mac Pro mid 2010 with Mojave and an RX560 card. Blocs runs fine here and your computer should have more than enough power to run Blocs. My ancient 2007 iMac was fast enough until it became incompatible recently with El Capitan.

I guess you must be using some kind of patch like Dosdude to run Mojave and I wonder if that is the problem. It’s very hard to know unless you can supply some kind of diagnostic report. Just a thought, but you may be able install the old video card and restart your computer. The display will probably look strange, but if Blocs runs quickly that could point to a graphics related issue.

First, thank you very much for your answer.
For years it is a specialist wy is in charge the maintenance of my computer. He is excellent but there, alas, he is currently on holidays.
I can’t more to the moment using “Blocs”. It is impossible to work, so much it turns slowly. This is a pity because I have to make an urgent site and I am forced to use again Muse.
I am going to transmit your analysis to my specialist when he will back off his holidays.

Have a nice day,
P.S. I tried with all versions de Blocs. The reactions are the same.

@Norm may be able to help. The old Mac Pro is still a great machine but I am very aware that things like this will become more difficult in time with potential performance and compatibility issues. This is why I have not moved to Catalina.

Hello Norm,
First sorry for my late answer. I was not having seen your message. I would well stay on 10.11.6 system but several software were asking an update, with 10.12.6 system to minimum whose Blocs.
Since I am on 10.14.6 system I have this problem extreme slowness with Blocs software. Currently, it is unusable. Yet it is nor my video card, nor a problem of memory after checking.
My last essays. I have made a complete uninstall of the software to be sure it stays no a bad file on the computer before to download again. Despite that, the problem always is there.
So, even if you have just a begin of solution, don’t hesitate, I am a taker.
In all cases, thanks for your attention and your sympathetic intervention.

You will need to post your serial number here to know what is supported for this model of Mac Pro. Also, what drivers are you using? Please post a link to them.

Maximum OS for the 2008 Mac Pro is 10.11.6 El Capitan (15G31). How are you using a non supported OS?

@AngelArs I think this is a tricky one to troubleshoot because there are no other reports like this and Christian has a computer running an OS that isn’t officially supported with non original upgrades. In theory I could install Catalina on my Mac Pro with a patch but I’ve held off for this reason and stuck with Mojave. With a bit of luck it will still work with Blocs for a couple years before I have to change computer. I don’t want to lose my old 32-bit apps either.

Is your version of the 560 Metal compatible? Catalina requires one for that model of Mac Pro (MC250LL/A, MC560LL/A, MC561LL/A).

Yes, I don’t think this is a Blocs issue at all. Probably driver or unsupported OS issue. Might also be a ram issue.

Yes the RX560 is metal compatible and that was required to install Mojave. For quite a while I was stuck on High Sierra with the original card. The difference is that while my Mac was officially supported on Mojave with a metal enabled card that is not the case with Catalina, so every day you would be running the risk of conflicts and I just can’t mess about like that when I rely on the computer for work.

At the moment Mojave is a good place to be. It’s very stable as an OS with excellent compatibility and still runs the 32-bit apps, so I am in no rush to change. Work is so busy though that I may have to bring in more help, which would force me to buy another computer.

New Mac Pro? :grin:

I bought my current Mac Pro as a new computer and it has been fantastic, but the new ones are crazy expensive and huge overkill for my current needs. I think it will have to be a top end new mini.

Actually the new minis have a faster benchmark than the round (trash can) Mac Pros had, so they are very fast and ram is cheap for them too. You can go up to 64GB👍