Blocs Hosting 2.0 Launch

Hi guys, it’s finally here. This new version of blocs hosting has taken months of work including a brand new site uploader program which comes free with every blocs hosting package.

Let me run you through the new features of why blocs hosting is the best hosting company for blocs sites.

  • First All of our servers are run on super fast SSD servers which delivers incredible load times for your sites anywhere around the world.

  • All of our sites come free with an SSL certificate so that visitors to the site know that your site is secure and since June this now has a huge effect on search engine performance.

  • Free login and control panel for users to access to add new domains to their package or edit existing ones. This gives you total control over your hosting environment as well as being free to leave any time.

  • Free uptime monitoring so if anything were to happen with our hosting we are aware straight away and can get to fixing the issue to minimise any disruption.

  • Legendary worldwide customer support. This means any issue you’re having with uploading your blocs site to our servers we can handle.

  • Unlimited bandwidth. This means that your site can have unlimited visitors and never be capped.

And the main feature is an exclusive site uploader. Have you ever struggled with FTP then this is the tool for you. Let us do all of the hard work for making your site live on our servers. Our exclusive upload tool makes it easy to upload a site to our servers hassle free. Simply download the tool which comes free with every blocs hosting package, export your site from blocs. Compress your export into a zip folder. Then open up the upload tool and your good to go.

Experience the future of blocs app hosting at

Use code launch at checkout for £2 of each hosting package

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