Blocs Hosting

Hi guys, who would be interested in me starting a blocs website hosting business for you to be able to host your websites on after you’ve finished them. Let me know below, Thanks

If so I was thinking around £25-£30 per year would be a good price. Plus you would receive support of course specifically for blocs.


Wow less than £30 a year! A domain cost £12 a year. Not clued up in this area but thought freelancers would be charging more like £100 per year (including their support and setup)

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I think this is a good idea, I would love to see a easy to use option for Blocs users.

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This topic has made me think a bit because I have the wrong perspective for the service.

My web clients usually want a website that is made for them and they want to know nothing about technicalities, so I guide them to cheap web hosting with a domain thrown in. Since I’m going to do the FTP and I’m comfortable with that stuff, there’s no issue about it (usually).

However, I guess that this service is for people that need hand-holding, have bought blocsapp to go it alone, or are trying to start a web design service themselves.

So, now I get it. It’s not for me but I can see that it could be a godsend for some people.

I’d really tie down what service you are including in terms of support - a lot of the people that this service might appeal to might imagine a lot of hand-holding and blocsapp consultancy to be included. That blocsapp consultancy isn’t viable at your price-point.

Good luck.

I know of one or two web hosts who do this for another design app, though I don’t think there is anything magical required in the hosting for Blocs. It’s not something that would interest me personally, but I can see a potential market for this with newer Blocs users, who have no experience with web hosting.

£30 a year does sound very low, so I can only assume this is reseller hosting with limited resources if you then allow customers access to a control panel. When I produce sites for clients, I encourage them to use the same host that I do when possible, but I’ve so far resisted becoming a reseller.

Some web hosts have really complicated control panels and I hate it when clients want me to use their existing host, because it often creates an additional level of complexity. The support side often provide little or no help if they know you are sorting out the configuration for a client.

If you do this right, you may find Blocs designers who are willing to suggest the service for customers, but I think it would take a while to reach that point.

It would be reseller hosting and I would offer a lot of hand holding and maybe to even deal with uploading the website myself in some circumstances. I would probably charge a lot more then and offer a lot of hand holding.

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So who is the host you are reselling and what are the Tech Specs and Performance Metrics ? Each would be crucial to users, for comparison upfront when considering it as an option.