Blocs images not appearing

Hello, I have a website that I’ve built with an accordion.

The images are appearing in the header, but for some reason are not appearing in the accordion. The just have a little “broken image” icon in place of where the image should be.

The images are all the same folder and in the asset manager. The only difference I can see is that the images in the accordion are the only ones not appearing. Thanks!

This is not in the accordion:

This is in the accordion:

Ive come to realize it’s anything that’s a PNG. Is that normal?

Nope, normally png’s work fine. I’ve noticed that my images have disappeared as well. I thought only in a carroussel, so i thought the carrousel was to blame, but other photo’s disappeared as well. They have been replaced by code in the container, in my asset manager they’ve disappeared, only their names are mentioned.