Blocs is marvellous

I’ve just built this in three days from a standing start, with no prior web design experience beyond raw HTML…

I spent the first day experimenting with numerous pieces of web design software, plus Wordpress and various other online systems. Blocs made the most sense to me, so it’s the one I went with. I’m very pleased that I did.

I’ve just bought it and I look forward to getting my head around its finer details at a more relaxed pace.

More power to your elbows!



Related question (forgive me if it’s a stupid one): How can I stop the top menu text from crashing into the logo? It does this when it’s between full width and tablet width.

Make the text smaller or switch to a toggle menu icon so the menu is hidden behind a button.

Cheers. Removing a few characters proved to be an elegant solution. I’d used too many of them anyway.

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One small point, the phone number is a little hard to read against the images might be worth considering a different colour perhaps, less translucent or removing the shadow. Other than that it looks great :grinning:

Sam, you should be very pleased with the result. Good job.

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I was contacted by a company last year who offer storage facilities and I started building a website for them, but then they changed their requirements completely after initially saying it was perfect. Alarm bells were ringing for various reasons, so I ended up cutting my losses and walking away.

Later on I saw they eventually produced a site, but it looks very much like a home made amateur job using Wordpress and your one is much nicer.


Nice clean site, but why haven’t you included the google map as a default. All you have to do is grab the embed code from Google Maps and paste it into an HTML Brick. I also think the email link could do something a little better. Not every site visitor is going to have a correctly configured email client on their device, so why not create a simple contact form in a new block immediately below the Phone/email block. This way, you can use the visibility action on the email link to show or hide the form.

Just a thought!!