Blocs-LIVE! = Bringing users together

Not sure if this has happened at all, if so - sorry I missed it!!!

But I would LOVE it if we could have a LIVE zoom online chat (or Groups or similar)

  1. Conference from @Norm outlining the new Blocs and chat to developers/users on what they find hard or how they would like to improve things…and a general hello and chat on how Blocs came about and we could fire questions in etc and see demos.

  2. I would like the next one to be from @Eldar on his amazing work he has given to blocs users from videos to templates and all general round help, people can fire questions in and the chair of the meeting should be @Norm of course!!!

  3. Be great then to chat to some of the big users such as @Flashman @Malachiman @hendon52 (picked 3 that came to mind!) and many more on what they recommend, styles they use, how they run their business and all round advice.

I would love this to be a regular thing, say every month or so. I think there is no better way than all getting together live and helping each other.

your views?


I have been considering this for some time as it relates to my personal journey with Bric development and how to get the most from tools that I build. Wasn’t sure about it but now I think it will happen at some point.


Yeah - I think it would be a great idea! other platforms do it and they go crazy over it and I’ve joined a few on foundation and its been great and the amount of ideas people bounce of each other has been instrumental to the future updates. Since using Blocs only, i would like to see this kind of thing happen on this community.

I think by the lack of response on here, i don’t think it’s really of interest, a shame really as this is the strength of other platforms.

Deafening silence is not always a bad thing especially when @Norm liked your OP.
Had something similar at my job with Apple Support to discuss collaboration and diagnostics techniques for AASPs. Though I can’t speak specifics here, I thought the event was really informative and helpful especially when everyone could voice their ideas.

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I like the idea as well. Nuff said :slight_smile:

Sure, I mentioned this a year ago, but it never really went anywhere.
Host would need to have paid Zoom account w/ at least 3MB upload speed to handle the bandwidth of many people attending.

Anyone want to do that? Right now I can’t, but would certainly be willing to join in and talk to anyone about anything.


This would be great. (PS: I’m one of the new owners of PulseCMS.) I don’t have Zoom, but I have a paid Google Hangouts, if we choose that. I’m not sure if thats good for large groups.