Blocs not saving

Hi, I’ve reported this in the week but had no response to date, I’m running a Imac with Mojave and Blocs randomly doesn’t save causing me to loose hours of work. I see other threads with the same/similar issue - is there a solution or is Blocs fundamentally flawed?

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Hi @WvS

I had the same issue and I got no solution it worked for a while with the newer version.

but that’s all it was a temporary fix, I cannot share more of my experience as then they just block my post they worst than the Chinese censorship. so a quick takeaway is that the blocsapp is not reliable and you will barely find a solution as there have been many similar posts with no solution. I also have messaged the developer almost 1 week ago with no response back.

I’m sorry you appear to be having issues regarding saving, but these types of problems are more often than not related to installation or system issues. IF you are unable to use the normal save function, try using the save as option and give the project a new name. If you can get to that point, it would be better if you posted your project file as an attachment to a post. This way, we will be better able to see what is happening in the project file that may be causing you issues.

Clearly, these are not common problems with most users, otherwise there would be many more threads on the subject. So, rather than just assume Blocs is generally unreliable, it’s better to assume that your installation of blocs may be the cause of problems. Post your project and give us the opportunity of examining the issue in greater detail.



I got your ticket and responded. It was a week ago I think. Unfortunately it looks like the response may have ended up in your spam or blocked somehow.

If I remember correctly you are using an old version of Blocs, since that release we have patched numerous issues some that are related to save issues. The latest version is 3.5.3

I recommend you run the built in update feature, or re-download the Latest version of Blocs from here.

Hi, your ticket is regarding a free custom Bric. We do offer support for them, but we don’t prioritise support for the free Brics.

But because it’s free we have no obligation to help you, But I will once I get a chance.

Your earlier response was indeed flagged by a member of the forum (not me) but I can see why.

Here is my original response to your ticket I responded on the 15th September, the same day you filed the bug.