Blocs on an M2

Hi all:

I just received my new MacBook Air, M2 model, and now have Blocs up and running.
The first thing I have noticed is Blocs is lightning fast. It loads very quickly, and saves quickly.
I have not done much, still configuring this machine, but for anyone looking to upgrade, I would highly recommend this model.

One last thing, the music that comes out of these tiny speakers is amazing!

Rich the Weather Guy


And what about the weather? :sunglasses: :palm_tree: :coconut: :sunny:

There will finally be a Weather app on Mac when macOS Ventura arrives.

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I bought a 14" Macbook Pro. The Macbook air screen is just a little too small for me.

The M series processors are phenomenal. :+1:

There are a TON of weather apps already out there. My site is localized, so it does very well.

Rich the Weather Guy

Hot and humid here in New Hampshire Jerry. But it won’t last very long, so out in my canoe ASAP!

I think you guys are missing the big picture. Wouldn’t you all rather have an Intel processor so you could slow down and enjoy life? Send me the laptops if they just feel like too much of a burden.


You may be right Flash…
I will pack mine up this afternoon…will need your address.

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You might be right. I totally miss the sound of my MacBook Pro sounding like it wants to take off and acting as a radiator!

2040: Child: Tell us about the old Intel days when fans used to be on all the time…

I also think there is a certain poetry to watching a spinning ball and apps that bounce 20 times in the dock before opening. It just gives you an opportunity to slow down and think about life in a more mindful fashion. I don’t have a silicon Mac myself, but I can see the dangers in just getting stuff done without fully embracing every moment of the process.


I use a 2019 iMac but had a 2014 MacBook Air. Fans were constant spinning as was the beachball.
I have Macs that go WAY back to the quadra days, so watching this technology, and Apple, grow, has been interesting to see.
Oppsss…my Apple Watch is telling me I have an appointment.
Gotta run… :grinning:

Rich the Weather Guy

Why oh Why
Are you the Weather Guy ?

I have gotten pretty good at restoring older devices back to their quiet forms at my job.

M-series devices in my experience don’t have this problem considering their fans are rarely used.

Have been forecasting weather, as a hobby, for more than 20 years up here in New England.
I am a weather “hobbyist” with some meteorological training.

Rich the Weather Guy

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Cool. You work on the PCBs themselves?

BTW, Love your VOLT product, just not sure I need to own it at this point.

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Currently tracking a line of thunderstorms heading east into New England.
Currently temp here in NH is 93° with a heat index reading (That is heat and humidity) at 101° which is what it feels like.
Will probably be the hottest day this season.

Sometimes. I’m not a soldering expert but I can fix the occasional Water Damaged MacBook. Apple authorized stores are mostly about replacing the entire part rather than repairing it.

You are correct. Easier to just toss the board, than repair it, though there are pitfalls to repairing them. I was in Manufacturing PCBs for many years. That is a great skill you have!

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Just realized my T-shirts says “I’d rather be a Lake Winnipesaukee”.
It was a nice like in NH, visited a few years back. :sunglasses: