Blocs project - file structure

I am trying to restart my project as a new project that I started months ago using Blocs 2 and not converting. I was trying to bring/copy all the imported photos from the Blocs 2 project manually as a group from the asset mgr.
It seems that Blocs creates a file with a .bloc suffix. i do not see a way to get at the images to copy. Although the images are in the Blocs 2 project asset mgr they came from different files with the same image but altered for various reasons (size, resolution etc). I am learning LR and PS CC at the same time. So it would be very difficult to determine which file from which folder is in the asset mgr. I do not see any way to take the files from the Blocs2 project.

  1. Does the blocs asset mgr use a pointer to the image files or does it retain a copy of the image in the asset mgr? In the future should I create sub folders in an “umbrella” project folder and let the project reside in that folder? I could more easily import from the various image folders to the Blocs asset mgr.

  2. Does anybody have a suggestion for a project file structure for an “umbrella” folder? Image folders L, m,S XS - video… I know you can resize the image in the various view points but I am thinking that I will only have certain image files in an XS viewpoint and it might be easier to identify them in a separate folder.

  3. Also does Blocs3 create a different file export file each time you export?

Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.


Hello @etdronehome Blocs uses a relative pointer to your images.