Blocs project not being saved


Basically, my changes in a project are not being saved randomly. I have Blocs 3.4.4 and macOS 10.15.3. I am saving the projects in a local hard drive.

This is very random and I already lost some work. I will try to record a screen for you but again, it’s very random.

I am on Mojave and I’ve not seen something like this. Not sure I’ve ever heard it reported previously, so I wonder if there is something particular about your setup.

+1 I have been experiencing this randomly as well. No later than yesterday.

Each time I created or modified something it would trigger a save, with the usual pop up Blocs is working… however nothing was saved. And when finally performing a save and quitting nothing was saved.

That said I often have issues with bloc IDs not being saved/kept while using the app. Only solution Is to actually restart blocs or in some cases sometimes i have to reboot the computer.

Have not reported it as a bug yet since it’s really random and sometimes I’m just overwhelmed with work to do.


You should definitely report this. It’s the kind of thing that really needs to be investigated. Perhaps you could screen record when this happens and send in the project file to Norm.

I know. Will do next time.

I have had the same issue with 4.4.3 and it returned in the 3.4.5 Beta versions. On 3.4.4 all works without any issues. I did report this issue several weeks ago to @Norm.

Exactly this is happening to me too. First I thought I went nuts.

I have 3.4.4 and encountered this issue.

How do I report this?

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Super, super annoying.
Using Blocs is a total random process due to this. I’ve lost approx 10 hours work during a 48 hours hackathon - not pretty.
And that’s after first shelling out and buying the tool.

I’ve had this issue since the beginning. It seems like it doesn’t like me to leave Blocs open. When the computer goes to sleep, after it wakes up it will never save again. It acts like it is saving, but it isn’t. Very very frustrating. Lost many hours of work.

I’ve just experienced same issue with ‘saving’.

Sorted out after restart of computer but all saved work is lost.

I have the same problem here. This is a serious problem and I hope there will be a solution soon, makes the app nearly unusable. Maybe I do something wrong or it is Catalina. Grateful for any tip

I’m aware of the situation the cause is still unknown but it’s not a consistent issue for all Blocs users.

It appears to be limited to Catalina so far, which was recently updated.

So far, restarting either the Mac or Blocs corrects the issue.

Give this a try and see if the problem continues.

5.2 is currently in beta so I’m hoping I’ll get this snagged before the release of this version.

I’ve had this problem, but only rarely - it’s not consistent at all. The way I’ve corrected the issue - without closing Blocs was to select force quit from the apple menu, select Finder and then click the relaunch button. When finder reopened, I was able to save again. This would suggest an issue with the OS itself, so I think it’s worth trying to see what happens on your system. It worked for me, but I accept, I don’t really know if its a solution that will work for everyone.


That’s interesting I’ll log that down with notes For this issue.

I have my concerns it’s an issue at the OS level too, some kind of permissions issue.

My solution came to light by accident. When my Blocs project locked, I noticed that clicking on desktop folders wasn’t opening the folders. To correct that problem, I relaunched Finder. It was then that I noticed that Blocs was able to save again - strange behaviour!!


I am having issues too… I’ve only been using Blocs for a short time, but in the last few days it is randomly not saving. The saving progress bar completes, and all seems well, but when I reopen the project file it becomes apparent that my previous session hasn’t saved. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t… highly frustrating, as I’m currently having to save every five minutes, close Blocs and reopen it to make sure it has saved correctly!!

Did you try the finder relaunch trick to see if that brings the save option back. If you relaunch finder, you don’t have to close your Blocs project, but after the relaunch, it may enable you to save your project file.

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