Blocs/Pulse site just doesn't seem to work

I’ve build this web site in Blocs, connected it to Pulse CMS (licensed), but although the local preview shows the layout as it is intended; the uploaded Pulse theme I’ve exported from Blocs however shows NO header, NO footer and quite a few little things that just seem to be off, compared to the ‘static’ preview.

Files can be downloaded here:

If anyone can shine a light on my Pulse-related layout issues, that’d be great :slight_smile:

– Richard

To accommodate the client, I’ve uploaded the static ‘preview’ version here.
The ‘Pulse’ version has been uploaded here.

If you export as vanilla HTML is everything fine? Just to rule out none Pulse related issues.

Thanks for sharing your files, i tested it
all your pictures where missing ( you need to put all your pictures in a folder called assets and reconnect them in your blocs file)
and there was no header, so in the blocs file i deleted the hero bloc and made a new one, save export to pulscms and uploaded to a testsite online, and worked great, and in the pulse admin i was able to change the text of the pulseblocks you made.
meaning that the blocs to pulse cms is working.

The preview generated files are the ‘plain/static html’ files I used for the current site. If those are the ‘vanilla’ html files, then yes :slight_smile:

A ‘collect’ feature might be something for future development, but indeed … I added the used files manually to the zip. But okay … it seems that I just need to delete & redo the blocs that won’t work. Just let’s start from there then, for now the client has ‘something’ online, now it’s up to me to get the CMS going :wink:


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