Blocs Review in MacFormat

Just for interest, Blocs is reviewed in the latest (April 2019) issue of MacFormat magazine. You won’t be surprised to know that they liked it, it had a bunch of ‘Pros’ and no ‘Cons’ and earned a 5/5 score.

Well done @Norm.


Thanks, yes I was very proud to see Blocs in this issue!

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Maybe someone could post it on the Forum :slight_smile:

@Norm posted it previously on Blocs Twitter:

Blocs 3 MacFormat Review:

Blocs 3 MacFormat App of the Month:


That is really cool! :sunglasses:

Congratulations @norm and team.
They even do one page with blocs:

@eldar you could give them one or two design tips. :rofl:

Not sure if somebody seen this before :smiley:


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