Blocs site is distorted in mobile

Hello Y’all,

I have a Blocs site hosted on a personal server, my domain is registered with Google, and my DNS servers are with I have set up my DNS servers to forward visitors to my IPv4 address and have set it up so that the URL is cloaked (also known as masking or URL framing). I am doing it this way instead of using A records because my site is located on a port other than 80. My modem will not allow me to host a site on port 80. CNAME records also are not an option because I have set up my domain for email and two CNAME records don’t get along I am told.

I know the risks involved in masking a URL. Search engines hate it. Sometimes sites won’t work at all with it. And the site may become bloated or distorted on mobile (but will look fine on the computer). Unfortunately, I’m experiencing the latter.

So my question is this: Is there anything that can be done to fix it?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks Y’all!