Blocs "System Default" Classes (to download?)

Is there anywhere possible to download a list of all “Blocs System” classes (for forms & navigation for example)? Thanks.

Just a thought… have you published a site then looked at /style.css and /css/bootstrap.css

Thanks, yes I have published some sites but no never looked at “/style.css and /css/bootstrap.css” as I don’t know what that means. I will try to find those files now and open them and try to get clues. Thank’s again.

I found “style.css” (13 kB) and opened it in a text editor, but could not understand what to read in there, and “bootstrap.css” I could not find at all…

Blocs uses the Bootstrap framework. And will also create custom/bloc specific classes based on your design.

Thanks, I will check there and see if I can understand a thing or 2, at the first look I can’t, but I will do my best to give it some more time…

Hey @Himmelstrutz,

Use the left sidebar to navigate - check out Components and Utilities.

Thanks again, the thing though is I’m not a coder, can’t understand how to use the things showed on that site, that’s why I use Blocs…

you can download a list from here:

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Thanks fabrica, that’s useful!