Blocs - Tablet version: reality vs. blocs's reality


Hey Norm!

I have a big problem regarding Blocs export for mobile website. In Blocs it looks exactly how I want it to be, in reality not at all and at worst while using the iPad simulator. Please, please, please fix it!!

I attached some pictures!

Example #1 - How I want

Example #1 - Blocs simulator

Example #2 - How I want

Example #2 - Blocs simulator

Example #2 - World Wide Web


Thanks for all the screen shots. I’ll take a closer look into this.


Struggeling a bit the same.

Desktop fine, Mobile accepted but Tablet won´t do it.


This is now fixed in the next beta for 2.3.1.


@Norm still not completely fixed. Just tried with new beta. Attached a picture. If you need further informations. let me know.


Could you DM me the project with the assets used for the problematic area.


Where did you get preview mode from, I can’t find it!


press V on your keyboard.