Blocs Templates Update

Hi guys,

For the past 10 months, I have been working very hard to rebuild all of the Blocs Templates in Blocs 3. I am happy to say that I have finally done that. I have attached the list of available templates below.

What’s next?
These days, I am finishing work on my next template with a vertical navigation (it turns out to be better than I expected) and the template for Foundations.

As always, all of my templates are created using only built-in features of Blocs 3. In a couple of cases, I have used some free brics from Blocs Store (like Snap Scroll, Follow Icons, etc).

The full list of Blocs 3 templates available today.

  1. Agency (link)
  2. Anastasia (link)
  3. Apartment (link)
  4. Application (link)
  5. Blogger (link)
  6. Commerce (link)
  7. Company (link)
  8. Corporate (link)
  9. Creativity (link)
  10. Designer (link)
  11. Enterprise (link)
  12. Event (link)
  13. Fitness (link)
  14. Flower (link)
  15. Freelancer (link)
  16. Hospital (link)
  17. Inspiration (link)
  18. Lawyer (link)
  19. Macintosh (link)
  20. Music (link)
  21. Nikola (link)
  22. Passion (link)
  23. Personality (link)
  24. Photograph (link)
  25. Producer (link)
  26. Product (link)
  27. Restaurant (link)
  28. Resume (link)
  29. Service (link)
  30. Wedding (link)
  31. Winter (link)

If you have suggestions for future templates, please leave them below.

Thanks for your support
I have been building and rebuilding these templates for more than 3 years now. I want to thank everybody who have been supporting my work by purchasing templates or just by providing invaluable feedback. I am excited about what I can create next with my favorite web design tool!