Blocs to wordpress help!

Hello, I’m very new at Blocs, I spend a lot of time figuring out how to make the website, etc. Now that I have it “finished” I need to upload it to wordpress, because I bought one year of hosting before I started designing with blocs. COuld you please help me how I I can upload it? Is there a way on uploading the blocs html to wordpress (tutorial)? Please help!! I’m starting to feel that I lost a lot of my time :’( :sob:

If you mean you want to use your Blocs site as a wordpress theme, you will have to wait until the upcoming release of the next version of Blocs. This will have a wordpress theme export option. Meanwhile, you should, perhaps, get yourself a low cost hosting package to upload your Blocs site. Unless you absolutely need the wordpress CMS facility for site updates, it’s just as easy to publish the basic Blocs site.

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