Blocs To Wordpress Release


Hi guys, hope everyone is looking forward to their weekend, I have had the chance to release blocs to Wordpress the only way to convert blocs files into Wordpress templates. Here is the link to take a look.

Blocs 3 to wordpress
Built in CMS

It looks interesting. If I could make just a couple observations that might help potential users and your sales, it would be good if your video includes some audio explaining what was happening. Also if you could show an example of a Blocs theme converted to Wordpress and how it can be managed by the Wordpress user following conversion.

BTW it’s really simple adding a pop up cart with Gumroad, so it opens on the webpage, rather than in a different tab. I did this recently on a client website.


Ok, I’m interested. But is it possible to have more tutorials on how to upload and what would it be with Wordpress?


I agree with @Flashman and @mackyangeles, I need more information before turning this into a potential sale. You showed us how to export this from Blocs and obviously converting it…but what happens next? I seems very interesting but for now I’m keeping my 20 quid in my pocket. Please elaborate…


i’ve made some changes to the website to try to show the difference and power that blocs to wordpress can provide.


How can this app helps Blocs to be Wordpress CMS capable? Can you edit the entire content like regular Wordpress using Blocs Themes? What will be the process when the Blocs is converted already. How can we use the power of Wordpress with this. Please elaborate, as I am very eager to buy this and use on my future WP projects…


It currently in this version does not let you change all the content on the pages. This can however be achieved with plugins. With the current version of blocs to Wordpress it enables you to change the page title with default wordpress but of course you can expand and make it do whatever you like with plugins such as seo plugins.


So the app will just convert it with WP without any use? And you just upload under WP Dashboard?


Yeah, it will just allow you to change the page title using wordpress but no content in this initial release


I agree with all comments by others above.

Also it looks like you kept some default text on your live site?


There looks to be a few spelling errors in same section: