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Looks like @Norm has something secret waiting in the wings

Guess what?

Here are my guesses regarding this pending reveal:

  1. Blocs Market Place - for third party developers
  2. E-commence / Shopping Cart
  3. Password Protect Feature for pages
  4. All the above
  5. Other ?

Based upon the below comment #1 seems highly likely. While 2 & 3 have been widely requested and discussed by many users historically also. So #4 would probably be the most welcome by many. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So my guess is #1.


That’s my guess as well. The screenshot appears to show a login window, suggesting some kind of online account.


Yep, My bet is on #1 :partying_face:

And #3 is on my shortlist to build for you guys :wink: - Just have to get this current monster of a project launched.