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Looks like @Norm has something secret waiting in the wings


Here are my guesses regarding this pending reveal:

  1. Blocs Market Place - for third party developers
  2. E-commence / Shopping Cart
  3. Password Protect Feature for pages
  4. All the above
  5. Other ?

Based upon the below comment #1 seems highly likely. While 2 & 3 have been widely requested and discussed by many users historically also. So #4 would probably be the most welcome by many. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So my guess is #1.

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That’s my guess as well. The screenshot appears to show a login window, suggesting some kind of online account.

Yep, My bet is on #1 :partying_face:

And #3 is on my shortlist to build for you guys :wink: - Just have to get this current monster of a project launched.


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For anyone whom may have missed it since. It was recently revealed in the Blocs Newsletter and on Twitter that the Blocs Store marketplace is now openly confirmed to be released in April.

Congrats @Norm. :wink: