Blocs v3.4.4 Beta Build 1

Hey everyone,

You’ll be happy to hear that I’ve been hard at work improving Blocs. Here is the first beta build of v3.4.4. This release is entirely focused on stability.

Download Blocs 3.4.4 Beta Build 1

I’ll be back on Monday to pick up all the feedback, have a great weekend!


@Norm Thank you :grinning::+1:


One strange glitch with a custom class earlier that I don’t understand, but otherwise this is a very solid 1st beta.

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@Norm @Whittfield

I’ve found a custom bric update glitch. I just opened a project containing four examples of Card Designer, which has an update to version 1.4.4. Up popped the first window offering to update each of those four brics individually and I went ahead with that.

I then checked in the extension manager for updates and it was still showing Card Designer 1.4.3. It took a good 5 minutes of checking before showing an update was available. I was able to update but that seems terribly slow and I am also wondering what is the best procedure for updating? In cases like this should we ignore the first window and go straight to the extension manager, then update those brics within the project if desired following a restart?

The speed of updates in extension manager is down to various things connections servers etc unlikely to be Blocs.

Also I’d recommend updating in extension manager, only then will it show a project item update window per project.

I figure you already updated recently, opened a project so got the update project item, but there was an even newer version of the Bric available so extension manager also notified you too.

All that would have happened is the project, when next opened, would again need updating as you would have updated the extension.

Also the more extensions you have installed, the longer it takes to scan them all for updates via ear h respective server.

How can I get the Brics in the extension manager @Norm? I removed all and installed them via the extension manager but still don’t see them

In this case it knew an update was available as soon as the project opened. This was clear from the first pop up showing there were four examples of the bric where an update was available. The update to those brics took a couple seconds each.

Moving on to the extension manager it then took around 5 minutes before offering to update 1.4.3 to 1.4.4. My guess is that most times you’ll open a project that doesn’t have a custom bric in use and this process may well be smoother, but a 5 minute delay in the extension manager is something I have never seen before. At most it’s around 20 seconds.

Both are not related, one check is done locally another is done with the developers server.

Yeah thats normal, this is just a quick local check to make sure the Brics in the project match the version number in the Macs local records. Thats much faster, and will only flag when they are not aligned.

Like I say this is Blocs checking in with the server of the developer, so connection speed, server performance etc dictates the speed here.

I hope that makes sense.

Are you running Blocs 3.4.3?

A client wants me to remove the 1st image in a carousel bric and that is a bit of a pain, because all the others have a small x delete option except the first, so to remove that first one it looks like I have to remove them all and start from scratch.

Im sure I can make that more practical.


I am seeing a strange issue with an SVG graphic that looks fine inside Blocs at all breakpoints. When viewed on a live site it is fine on desktop, but completely breaks down on mobile and looks really messed up.

I know the message in the asset manager about SVG needing a suitable server, however it’s hard to see why this might affect mobile, but not other sizes and I’ve not had issues like this before with SVG. The site is being built with this beta and I’ve had to put in a PNG until I can understand what is happening here.

Is it just related to this beta release?

I’ve not tried it with 3.4.3, but I can have a go. Perhaps it is something wildly wrong with the file itself but without being a huge expert on SVG files it’s hard to know what that could be. the file is exported from Affinity Publisher and looks great inside Blocs at all breakpoints, then goes wildly wrong when published and viewed on a mobile.