Blocs v3.4.5 Beta Build 3

Hey everyone,

Here is Blocs 3.4.5 Beta Build 3, this release is focused on stability and addresses a range of issues throughout.

Download Blocs 3.4.5 Beta Build 3

Have a great weekend, I’ll check back in on Monday for feedback :beers:


Thanks Norm.
Enjoy the weekend :hamburger: :beers:

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That widget code is still not carrying over when saved as a custom bloc.

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Everything fixed is in the notes

It sounded like it was the same issue I reported with code widgets being blank when saved as part of custom blocs or page templates.

No unfortunately that’s a separate issue regarding duplication that’s now patched.

@Norm Do you have an ETA maybe on the issue @Flashman mentions with the code bric not keeping information when saving a bloc? This is rather significant issue, it stops us saving a lot of custom blocs.

turning html preview on and off (after the code input), worked on a bloc Pealco send me. He provided this tip and it was ok.

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Most likely next week.

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When duplicating a contact form to another page it has a habit of adding a bunch of random characters to the input field IDs, so you end up with something like name_43567. These then have to be manually edited one by one, otherwise they will appear in the emails.

It would be very welcome if they could simply keep the original IDs like name, email etc. I understand they cannot perhaps be identical on the same page, but this shouldn’t be an issue elsewhere on the site. When building a large site with multiple contact forms this would be really helpful.


Today I resized some project pictures/assets (with photo editor) and saved them.

Then, in Blocs 3.4.5 b3 and Catalina 10.15.3, imported them again (Add Local Asset) to get the files updated, which of course followed by the message Duplicate Asset/ There is already an asset in your project with the name (picture-name.jpg). Multiple assets with identical file names are not allowed as all assets are placed within the same directory when your site is exported. Would you like to replace the current file with this name?” I clicked the “Replace Asset” button as many times as the times the pictures which where updated.

Then I saved the project and went for lunch.

When returning back, opening the project again, I happen to notice that the project file size is 36 kB only (which was before the save 32,4 MB ). So the opening of the project fails, it opens the file but the project is all wiped out/blank. Scary.

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this can hapen even without any modification, on a simple “save as” with a different name. I have duplicated copies of file projects , on diferent hard drives, as a security copy.

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Thanks KVO. Yes, I have experienced that too before, just wanted to inform this happened again in this beta with Catalina, if that matters…

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Yikes thanks for the heads up, investigation is under way.

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