Blocs V4.4.1 Released

We have officially released Blocs 4.4.1 with some fixes for MacOS Monterey, which is coming later today :sweat_smile:.

Although this version of Blocs has been tested for a number of weeks, if you upgrade your OS today and have some kind of technical issue, don’t forget you can download all older versions of Blocs V4 here.

We will continue to focus our efforts on stability leading up the end of 2021, so if you do encounter an issue with the new version of MacOS, we will most likely release another beta before the end of the week, so problems should be short lived.


Summer will be there in an hour! :desert_island: :grin: :sunny: :sunglasses: Awesome @Norm.

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I’ve just opened a project in this release version and once more found the missing hero background image, which has been an ongoing issue for months now. The curious part is that if I go to preview it is present, but flick back to edit and it’s missing.

I checked the related custom class and there is no sign of the image, just like before with the random vanishing act. Strangely the image was showing in the side panel and I wouldn’t have used that, because I set separate sized images for desktop and mobile.

The only significant change to my setup is that last night I upgraded to Monterey. I have now added the images to the custom class again and hope it is fixed.

@Norm Bloc v4.4.1 no longer duplicates pages. I’ve tried every known way to do so.

Oh really, I’ll check that tomorrow and see what is up.

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Hi @Norm

I DM’d you a video of a UI issue I am having with a custom bric with v4.4.1


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